SDOW Orchestras


For the 2021-2022 school year, high school orchestra members will have a playing test - either a series of excerpts or a scale - every two weeks. Everyone will move at their own pace; they can test multiple scales on each test, or just stick with one per test. Dr. Thierbach and Mrs. Brueggemann will grade these tests and provide feedback by about a week after the test is due.

Solo and Ensemble Festival

We are going to continue our same process of setting students up for success in Solo/Ensembles. If you are interested in participating in Solo/Ensemble Festival (this year it is on March 11), please talk to Dr. Thierbach or Mrs. Brueggemann as soon as possible. Your syllabus will outline important information about eligibility through MSHSAA. We would love to have music finalized for all interested students by mid-fall.

Google Classroom

We are using the same Google Classroom as last year, so if you joined the class last year, you should still be listed. Please double check your Classroom to see if you're still a member. Incoming Freshman will need to join the class. Our class code is: n3vplyf. You can also follow the link below to take you to the class. Make sure you are logged in with your school e-mail address.

Google Classroom



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