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Fifth Grade Orchestra

The fifth grade orchestra is ready to be off to an exciting start! In the first half quarter, we will have learned an incredible amount of information! Hopefully you will be able to hear the progression of their new's amazing to see their growth!

During 1st quarter, We will learn 10 notes: our open strings and the fingered notes on both the A and D strings. Part of what Dr. Thierbach and I do in class is teach the students how to practice, by going through an entire practice "routine" within the time of our class period. We have the students follow the following steps: Say the note names, pizzicato (pluck) the song, and arco (bow) the song. Very often, the students won't feel comfortable within the timing we do it in class, but you can help encourage at home by reminding them that they can stay on any step as long as it takes. We all learn at VERY different paces, and encouragement is KEY at home.

Speaking of practice, what can you do to help make practice fun for your child at home? Here are some of our favorite ways to get kids to unpack and play at home: have them play a concert for you or relatives, encourage them to learn a familiar song (with the help of their teacher!) and play it for their friends, and fill out their practice forms so they can earn a BOW BUDDY! You read that right: Dr. Thierbach and I absolutely bribe them with incentives. Some students in the program have already earned a bow buddy. All that is required is that your child practices for 15 days (it doesn't have to be consecutive!) and fill out their practice sheet. They show that to Dr. Thierbach or myself in class, and can get a bow buddy at their next After School Practice.
Speaking of After School Orchestra, we will begin rehearsals on Thursday, September 12th. If you haven't gotten a bus transfer form yet, it is linked below. You only need to fill out the top portion, and sign under the part that is already filled out. Those should be turned in to building secretaries, more than 24 hours in advance. If you're at the meeting August 22nd (read for info in the right column of this page!), you may fill it out that night, and we will turn it in for you.

Fifth Grade Forms
5th Grade ASO Bus Transfer form

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Sixth Grade Orchestra

Sixth Grade orchestra is going to jump right into a new curriculum that builds on skills they already know, teach MANY new rhythms, and a few new notes, too! By the end of the year, they will be shifting and starting to learn vibrato. It's amazing how quickly they learn.

After School Orchestra will begin on August 27th. We are hoping for some excitement to fill the air as the students see their friends from other schools for the first time in awhile. We will be learning at least 2, possibly 3 pieces for performance at our Winter Concert. While these pieces will be a significant step up in level from the Spring String Fling music, we are confident that it will provide them to "push" them to practice and put on a great concert!

We will continue our practice regimens from last year with the same incentives: after 15 days of practice (not necessarily consecutive) they can earn a bow buddy at their next after school practice.

Sixth Grade Forms
6th Grade ASO Bus Transfer Form
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Middle School Orchestra

Under Construction!!

Middle School Orchestra Forms
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High School Orchestra

Under Construction!

High School Orchestra Forms
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Plan to attend our Parent Meeting on August 22 in the Middle School Band/Orchestra room! 5th grade parents are invited to come at 6:30 p.m. to get extra information about how the program works. A second "session" will begin at 7:00 p.m. to review dates, etc, as in years past. 5th and 6th grade parents will have the opportunity to fill out the Bus Transfer form for After School Orchestra that evening to be ready for your child to start being transported to WMS.

We recommend you park in the big lot (Nix Parking Lot) behind the middle school that is shared with the high school. Signs will be posted to guide you to the room!

Don't forget to sign up to chaperone the Pre-teen dances! We need every slot filled by the Friday before the dance in order to hold them each month. Go to the Fundraiser tab and click on the date you are planning to chaperone.


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