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Sixth grade is soaring this year. Our last concert had the sixth grade performing in time signatures that we don't tend to play until middle school! Wow! No rhythms seem to be off limits, so the sixth grade has nearly worked through all of the new rhythms that are in our curriculum for the year. We will be moving into a middle school prep zone this semester. New finger patterns on each string will be a major focus, which will prepare them for testing next year.

Soon your child will be watching the middle school band presentation for recruitment. Your child IS able to participate fully in both band and orchestra, but it will alter their schedules in terms of the required gym credits. We will talk with your child at great length and answer any questions they have as they arise. We have found this particular set up to be quite beneficial to both programs, so as you begin to hear about this option, please ask us if you need any recommendations.

Progress Reports

Below is a link to the Quarter 3 Progress Report and what Dr. Thierbach and Mrs. Brueggemann expect students to know by the end of third quarter. THIS HAS NO CONNECTION TO YOUR GRADE. The only reason for these progress reports is to show your parents what skills we have at least been introduced to in the last 8 weeks. You should have numbers all over the place on the page. String players have so many different skills being applied at any one time, so it's very common for one skill to be stronger than another. As you improve on your instrument in the coming years, your numbers will start to become more similar. We will send these to your parents directly via e-mail, but paper copies are available upon request.

Quarter 3 Progress Report


While Dr. Thierbach and Mrs. Brueggemann don't require a certain amount of practice, they firmly believe in the importance of efficient and productive practice. The easiest way to get practice in is to set up a routine. You can get practice done as soon as you're home from school, just before bedtime, or just before dinner. Some students wake up in the morning to get a few minutes in before school! It doesn't matter if you don't have 30 or 45 minutes in a row to practice...break it up! Set a goal, and try to reach it in that time.

Most of the techniques we recommend for home practice are exactly what we teach you in class. Not everyone moves at the same pace, and some people won't need as much repetition as we do in class on each step, and some people will need MORE repetition. Do what works for you. If you have a question about a skill that we go over in class, ASK. It is very important that you understand the concept before doing home practice, even if you're not able to demonstrate it. Remember, you will NEVER be in trouble for not understanding something, and it will never affect your grade. As long as you are giving your 100%, you will always have the teachers on your team. We are all about success, not perfection.

Below is similar to what our practice forms look like. Sometimes, Dr. Thierbach and Mrs. Brueggemann will give you specific skills to place in the skill boxes at the top. Other times, we encourage you to come up with your own goals. You don't have to do every skill every single day. The skills are there to help you remember what was worked on in class and help you focus your practice sessions. BONUS: Every 15 days you practice (it doesn't have to be consecutive!) you can earn a bow buddy! Who doesn't want a class bow buddy zoo??

Practice Log


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