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Current Skills

As we start the year, 8th graders will be reviewing some skills we worked on last year while those same skills will be taught to the 7th graders. In middle school we have a big push to understand finger patterns as they are applied to key signature, string, and pattern. We will also be hitting scales quite hard. The other major skills we will be expanding on are vibrato and shifting.

Like last year, we will perform a monthly test for each student. Though the focus of these tests isn't set yet, it will follow the same pattern as last year. Each student will take a pre-test to determine what "level" you will start on. You will then be expected to progress through a determined number of levels throughout the year. We have found this to be the most effective testing method to date, that allows students one on one time with the teachers, and get help that is specific for them.


Please be sure to be turning in your practice logs from week to week. Remember that each part of your practice log is worth 25% and should be an easy way to earn points in orchestra. When the only homework you have for a class is practice logs, turning them in will majorly affect your grade. If your grade is low, it's probably because of your practice logs. There won't always be an opportunity to make up missed points.

We will once again use Google Classroom as our method for submitting practice logs and accessing recordings. 8th graders should still be enrolled from last year, but 7th graders will need to join the class. Our class code is: 5bypd82. You can access Google Classroom by following the link below:

Google Classroom


Don't forget to sign up to chaperone the Pre-teen dances! We need every slot filled by the Friday before the dance in order to hold them each month. Go to the Fundraiser tab and click on the date you are planning to chaperone.


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