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Teen Dances

The orchestra teen dances are monthly dances for the 5th and 6th graders of the district. This is our best fundraiser, and unique to our program. However, to be able to continue having the dances, we need to be sure to have 25-30 chaperones per dance. Our presence alone will handle 90% of any issues that arise. Chaperones are asked to arrive at WMS no later than 6:40 (so that you can actually park!), with the dance beginning at 7:00 p.m. The dance lasts until 9:00 p.m., and by the time the students are all picked up and the cafeteria is clean, we are almost always heading home by 9:30 p.m. Please, please, PLEASE consider being a chaperone, even if your child has "aged out" of being able to attend. The funds raised by the dances are used program-wide, so it's important that we have representative chaperones program wide.

Below are links to each of our dances for the year. Click on a date to sign-up to chaperone. We need ALL slots filled for every single dance.

February 7
March 27
April 17

Poinsettia Sales

This final week and a half before Thanksgiving marks the window for selling our beautiful poinsettias. We use the poinsettia orders to set the backdrop for our winter concerts, December 7 (grades 5-8) and December 9 (WHSO). They are stunning plants and really set the mood for the concerts!

Your children will get paper copies of our order form and info, but I wanted to send them out digitally as well, and to give you information that may or may not be described clearly to you.

We order our plants from Fahr Nursery out of Wildwood, MO. More than the typical sale that you would get at Walmart or from another source, we sell 6 different varieties in 2 different sizes. These plants are huge, and beautifully grown at the nursery, and when taken care of, can last all year long. Here's a run-down of the plant varieties we have:

Red, White, and Pink - Exactly as described, these are the most traditional flowers. The pinks sometimes come off a little more of a salmon color, but are always beautiful. We sell these three colors in both small and large sizes (see the attached order form).

Cortez Burgundy - A very deep velvety purple/red plant. These are my personal favorite! Note, these do not look great under fluorescent lighting, so if you are purchasing many for an office, you might want to stay away from this particular color.

DaVinci - Very similar to the pink, but will have red speckles throughout the flowers. Again, can sometimes look more salmon colored

White Glitter - Another big hit, and definitely one of our best sellers. This plant is red, with white speckles (hence the glitter)

Okay, so now the details on the actual sale.

Why Fundraise?

As is very typical of many instrumental music programs, there just isn't an expected budget from the school each year. The money we raise in these fundraisers go right back to the students. There are a lot of behind the scenes costs: minor and major repairs, books, music, bow buddies, field trips, festival day, and technology. Dr. Thierbach and I work together to make sure that we have the best of all the above so that your child can excel on their instrument. Please consider helping, in some form, throughout the year. Active parents are the key to a successful music program.


Don't forget to sign up to chaperone the Pre-teen dances! We need every slot filled by the Friday before the dance in order to hold them each month. Go to the Fundraiser tab and click on the date you are planning to chaperone.


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